Mansion Events

The historic Jacob Henry Estate transforms an ordinary celebration into an extraordinary one

2018 - "For The Love Of Cash" - A Johnny Cash Tribute

Tuesday, November 13th
11:00 AM Lunch Matinee

Following a delicious luncheon on The Jacob Henry Mansion Estate, enjoy an acoustic concert in our historic Old Central Church featuring Gary West's "For The Love Of Cash" - a tribute to Johnny Cash's gospel music and classic gems!

2018 - "Remembering Marshall Field's at Christmas"

Thursday, November 15th
11:00 AM Lunch Matinee

ADDITIONAL DATE:  Tuesday, November 27th

For many Chicagoans, no Christmas season was complete without a visit to Marshall Field's, the city's grande dame of department stores.  This illustrated presentation by Leslie Goddard traces the store's beloved holiday traditions, including the Walnut Room Christmas Tree, the holiday window displays, the toy department, Cozy Cloud Cottage, and the Christmas catalog!  Afterward, guests will move to The Old Central Church for an organ concert on our 2,200 bellow original 1897 pipe organ!

2018 - "A Victorian Christmas with Mr. & Mrs. Lincoln"

Thursday, November 15th
11:30 AM Lunch Matinee

Additional Date:  Thursday, December 6th

When most people think of a "traditional Christmas" they usually mean a Victorian Christmas.  Learn how some of the customs we observe today came to be, such as the Christmas Tree, Santa Claus, typical menus, and the best Christmas Present Abraham Lincoln ever received!  Civil War General George Henry Thomas and his wife, Frances, will also be explaining the backgrounds of some of our favorite, classic Christmas carols -- come prepared to take part in a fun sing-along!  Afterward, guests will move the The Old Central Church for an organ concert on our 2,200 bellow original 1897 pipe organ!

2018 - "The Gathering Room" Victorian Holiday Luncheon

Wednesday, November 28th
11:30 AM Lunch Matinee

Additional dates:  Thursday, November 29th & Wednesday, December 5th

Enjoy the ambiance and tradition of Marshall Field's "Walnut Room" in Joliet's own Gathering Room on the Jacob Henry Mansion Estate.  The Jacob Henry Mansion's very own 26 foot fully decorated Christmas tree and live music is sure to set the perfect atmosphere for your new holiday tradition!  Afterword, guests will move to our Old Central Church for an organ concert on our 2,200 bellow original 1897 pipe organ!

2018 - "Mirror of Mathis" Jolly Christmas Tribute

Tuesday, December 4th
11:00 AM Lunch Matinee

Get into the Holiday Spirit with this incredible live performance of "Mirror of Mathis"!  David Robbins and his 5-piece orchestra bring to stage the remarkable resemblance and vocal abilities that emulate the great Johnny Mathis.  This fantastic Christmas show will feature your favorite Holiday songs, along with many of the popular Johnny Mathis hits that have warmed your hearts throughout the years!

2018 - "White Christmas"

Wednesday, December 12th
11:00 AM Lunch Matinee

Join us for our annual holiday celebration inspired by the classic film White Christmas.  This spectacular holiday concert will take you on a musical journey from a World War II performance for the troops, to the glamour of a Florida nightclub and finally the charm and simple beauty of a New England town.

2019 - "An Afternoon With Mr. & Mrs. Lincoln"

Wednesday, February 13th
12:00 PM Lunch Matinee

ADDITIONAL DATE:  Wednesday, February 19, 2019

Join us for this special performance by Max & Donna Daniels!  Taking place at the end of the Civil War, the President and Mrs. Lincoln reflect on the events of the past four years, look back to the beginning of their lives together and their plans for the future, ending as the President realizes that it is time for them to leave for Ford's Theater.

2019 - First Lady "Jacqueline Kennedy"

Wednesday, February 20th
12:00 PM Lunch Matinee

Meet Former First Lady Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy in this fascinating first-person performance by Leslie Goddard!  It is 1964 and the former first lady, besieged by tourists and paparazzi, is struggling to cope.  As she gradually opens up, you will meet the private woman behind the public myth.

2019 - First Lady "Eleanor Roosevelt"

Tuesday, February 26th
12:00 PM Lunch Matinee

Meet Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, one of the most fascinating and influential public figures of the twentieth century.  Born into wealth during America's Gilded Age, Eleanor grew from shy, homely orphan into a confident, driven woman who championed progressive causes and the rights of man.

2019 - Fat Tuesday's "All That Jazz" Mardi Gras Party

Tuesday, March 5th
11:00 AM Lunch Matinee

Bring your Boas, Beads and Umbrellas to the Jacob Henry Mansion Estate! Enjoy delicious Cajun cuisine and the New Orleans style "Four Star Brass Band" as they bring their 'Louisiana sizzle' to Joliet!