Mansion Events

The historic Jacob Henry Estate transforms an ordinary celebration into an extraordinary one

2019 - "Mystery in the Mansion"

Thursday, March 7th
11:30 AM Lunch Matinee

ADDITIONAL DATES:  Tuedsday, March 26th

                                         Thursday, June 13th

                                         Wednesday, October 30th

                                         Tuesday, November 12th

Begin your day of fun and adventure with lunch at The Jacob Henry Mansion, but don't plan on leaving until you have solved the Murder Mystery!

2019 - Women's History Month Series: Titanic Survivor "Violet Jessop"

Tuesday, March 12th
12:00 PM Lunch Matinee

Additional Date:   Wednesday, March 20th


Leslie Goddard, Ph.D., portrays Violet Jessop, a stewardess who survived the sinkings of the RMS Titanic and, several years later, the HMHS Britannic (the Titanic's sister ship).   She tells unforgettable stories of the tragedies and gives a fascinating glimpse at life behind-the-scenes on the most glamorour luxury liners of their day.

2019 - "St. Patrick's Celebration"

Wednesday, March 13th
11:00 AM Lunch Matinee

Come and Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with us!

Listen (and dance if you'd like!) to traditional Irish Music from the "Chicago Irish Band", enjoy a bagpipe and drumps performance, and don't forget Aunt Annie's award-winning corned beef & cabbage - voted best in Will County!

2019 - Women's History Month Series: Civil War Battlefield Nurse "Clara Barton"

Thursday, March 28th
12:00 PM Lunch Matinee

This living history program by Leslie Goddard brings to life the story of Clara Barton's wartime work, including her decision to provide care for soldiers and her experience working at battlefield hospitals.  Her stories -- funny, poignant, and sometimes heartbreaking -- reveal the medical conditions of Civil War soldiers and the courage required for a woman to defy conventions during a national crisis.

2019 - "Ukulele Moonshiners"

Thursday, April 11th
12:00 PM Lunch Matinee

The Ukulele Moonshiners are delightfully brewing up a creative concoction of "family friendly songs", and you are invited to join them on their journey of fun!

One lucky guest will receive a free ukulele as a gift from The Jacob Henry Mansion Estate!

2019 - "Big Band Radio Show"

Wednesday, April 17th
11:00 AM Lunch Matinee

Take a step back in time as the Victorian Ballroom hosts a Big Band Radio Show!  Relive the glorious 1930's Swing Era with a "live radio broadcast show" by The Alan Gresik Swing Shift Orchestra, complete with vocalists and radio actors!

2019 - Vintage Fashion Show Luncheon

Wednesday, April 24th
11:00 AM Lunch Matinee

ADDITIONAL DATE:  Thursday, September 19th

Enjoy a time capsule of fashion and elegance of so many beautifully preserved "classics" spanning 120+ years.  Learn about the actual people who wore them, including humorous and interesting details which highlight each garment's individual story.  a perfect combination of history and fashion!

2019 - "Hoppin' at Henry's"

Tuesday, May 21st
12:00 PM Lunch Matinee

Come and celebrate the 50's in style at The Jacob Henry Mansion!  Your afternoon includes:  Poodle Skirts & Bobbie Socks, Meatloaf & Black Cows for dessert!

2019 - "Vintage Bridal Fashion Show Luncheon"

Tuesday, June 25th
11:00 AM Lunch Matinee

Join us for a Vintage Bridal Fashion Show Luncheon, showcasing beautifully preserved wedding, bridesmaid, and mother's dresses from 1870 to 1970.  While exploring the past, you will find that many wedding dresses were memorable and lovely, but not all were the traditional long white gown!

2019 - "Oktoberfest"

Wednesday, October 2nd
11:00 AM Lunch Matinee

Willkommen zu "Henry Haus" - Welcome to the "Henry Haus"!

Join us for our "Oktoberfest" event, featuring The Johnny Wagner Band and German-style cuisine!